Does skin color really defines your beauty?

Texture, skin tone, color of your skin can never define what you are.

Their are certain countries which define how beautiful you are after seeing your skin color but not features, not looks, nor talent but the skin color. and while living in a country like this, makes me feel like an dusky alien which is not suppose to hang out outside when its bright, not suppose love her beautiful brown color which is her birth gift. what one only suppose to do is to try out new ways to brighten up your skin …. doesn’t that mean?

yes! i belong to INDIA which is famous for its brown people out their but somehow in INDIA people are more fairer in its northern region than to its southern part. Nowadays Televisions advertisements are like only on fairness creams: fair & handsome, fair & lovely, roop mantra.. these advertisements will definitely pop up ever single time you turn on your television which even irritates me like hell and also cause of racialism in this country and as a results people are tagged as ugly when they are dark and beautiful when they are fair.. Sad but true here features are not important, talents are useless.

But somehow now after a long long period people started accepting darker people and their talent which is great, then too their are people who just want to disrespect, demoralize others. we have a great talent which we can use and boost our confidence with their negative feed back. I as always and you should too also believe that haters are the one who makes us famous. and we should never ever effected by these disgusting thoughts of what others think, because the one who makes you or creates you is the one and only You and no one else.

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TEENAGE: Stage of Hormonal changes\ Parents need to understand.

There is always a stage in everybody’s life where we feel insecure about our self. ”Insecurities”  not for a particular thing but for almost each and every little thing which is going on.  Teenage is very crucial stage of human life in which essential hormonal activity takes place and everyone has to fight and come over from this stage of life.


Many essential hormonal changes that go’s on in a child life during their teenage leads to confusion, insecurities, lack of confidence, habit of blaming…. and many more….

During this stage parents has to stay calm and be with their child to understand them and ask them polity- what is going on in your life? During this stage parents need to understand that their child may feel uncomfortable with them, not feeling to express what exactly the problem is? Sometime child can also target their parents for not allowing him to do certain things, and suddenly they started hating you.  What you have to do next?????

What do you do? when your child do not able to understand or does not want to know how much is your LOVE towards them… Alassss..  To avoid this conflict support and be friendly towards your child (on a regular basis) ask how was your day?, is their anything you want, spend time with them, build trust bonds. create a fruitful environment for your child, help them and also guide them what their problem is and their solutions may be, Share your teen stories.

By doing this- Not only this will help your child to overcome with this confusing teen stage of hormonal changes but this will also build-up your parent-child relationship apart from all you child will trust you, help you, respect you.

Parents need to understand in this changing world where their is always a competition between everyone and everything. Teen needs your support and encouragement.

Deep depressions, harming their-self, Hater attitude, even criminal born can be one of the reason ‘YOUR CHILD NEEDS YOUR AFFECTION”  Take care of your teens where they cannot distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.


Law of Attraction

The brain which functions, forecasts and gives you an image of the things which is going on in your life is actually working on a law which is called the law of attraction.

Law of attraction is as simple as you thing, but here what is difficult to let your brain function in a right direction. In this very first blog of mine i am going to tell you about the secret of life, here you call me crazy immature or call me whatever but yes! i have read a book called the secret by Rhonda Byrne.

After reading the book i can definitely say there is one law which is applied in your day to day life and activity which is the law of attraction. basically this law says you can get whatever you thing. Now here there is a condition – a condition to be positive and be determine towards your want and the universe will give you the same. you have to be determine towards your thoughts and stick to your loyalty toward it.

Every thing which is going on in your life is basically what you want in your life to be in and this is what you think, Here you will disagree with me saying- i always wanted to be rich and secure but my life is just the opposite. BANGG!! you said it right this is what you think your life is totally opposite of your wants and from here the law of attraction works. It should be: i am happy and secure with my life and want my rest of life to be the same. Apply it to your life and you will glad to see the results- The situation, condition in which you are life will change according to your thoughts and it will be life magic you thoughts will attract towards the universe and YESS!! now your life will be as secure and you will be as rich as you thought.

Being positive is a key, if you will be positive towards your thoughts you will achieve what you want and this is what law of attraction is all about.